Slovenia – Ljubljana


Last summer we decided to go for vacation again for sailing in Croatia, and on road there we stopped for few hours in capital city of Slovenia – Ljubljana. It’s one of the smallest European capitals, but quite adorable. As we hadn’t got a lot of time, our sightseeing had to be very fast. We went for fast walk […]

Austria – Kitzbühel


During winter 2015, our friend from Berlin was skiing in Kitzbühel, and as its quite close from Munich we decided to visit him. City is small, but very popular place for skiers, as its positioned in Alps, with a lot of good ski trails, and easily accessible cable cars. 

Italy – Lake Garda, Ritten Sand...

Scaliger Castle

During long weekend 11-15 june we decide to visit Italy. We pointed our gps to lake Garda – place we’ve seen in february but then weather was horrible, now we had beautiful sunny sky. Our first point was small city Sirmione on Sirmio peninsula. City itself is very nice, but there are two main attractions Scaliger Castle from […]

Germany BMW Welt, Museum


In beginning of 2014 we started to sightseeing Munich, and one of first places was BMW Welt (World) And BMW Museum. Both places are great, and IMO You have to see both of them. Entry to BMW Welt is free, and during daytime You can even sit in most of the cars there. For Museum that […]

Germany – Starnberger See


Photos from last (2014) year.

Oktoberfest 2014


Next Wiesn as locals are calling it, is coming, so small retrospection of last year:

Germany – Ammersee


Last year we were able to admire beautiful Bavarian autumn. Photographs are not able to give same feeling, but we tried to make them best. Below ones that I liked the most.

Germany – Eibsee


On middle of November weather was still quite good in Munich (about 17 C in a sun), so we decided to go somewhere out of town. Our choice was Eibsee (lake Eib?) which is just in the bottom of Germany’s highest mountain – Zugspitze. It’s only 90 km from Munich, but much higher, so it […]

Austria – Plansee


After VERY long time, I’ve decided to write again on blog . This year we’ve moved outside Poland to Munich in Bavaria. So we have a lot of new things to see. We try to go every weekend on some trip. On second of November we drove to Plansee in Austria. Please view some of […]

Summary of 2013

2013 Berlin Brandenburg Gate

New Year’s Eve behind us, so it is time to make a photographic summary of the previous year. We invite you to watch our photos!